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Minutes: April 14, 2022

Held at: Dogs in Vests, Inc.

Stood for Pledge of Allegiance

Vice-President Ashley Sinkula called the meeting to order

All present introduced themselves

Kim Brotz read the Treasurer Report-Taxes for the Chamber were filed today,

nothing owed. Alissa made motion to accept Treasurer Report Roger 2 nd , motion


Heidi read the Secretary Report for March 2022. Roger asked for clarification on

Legion Bow Program. Heidi explained how kids are determined for cumma sum

laude at high school banquet. 24-25 people attended event. Roger made a motion

to accept, Paul 2 nd , motion passed.


  1. Rummage Sale is moving along well. Connie Wilson is going to help organize it.

  2. Discussed old Chamber Facebook page. Rebecca suggested merging old Facebook page vs. deleting it. Michelle is not able to get into Facebook page so someone with login credentials will have to look into that.

New Business:

  1. Discussion about Build Better Back funds Michelle suggested everyone look at the Chamber website for link to Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for small business loans and Covid relief for businesses.

  2. Discussion was started about Car Show. The Igielskis will obtain door prizes again. Heidi inquired about new DJ. Heidi will reach out to Gary Riggs before finding new DJ.

  3. An email was sent out requesting help taking down the Christmas lights in town and only 4 people showed up to help. Heidi suggested we check with the Football Coach to see if the team could help and earn service hours, she will find out some details. Roger asked if the lights are a “Chamber event” and that maybe we could coordinate it with help from the Town if needed. Roger also suggested that the Main Street businesses could help supervise. Kim wondered if the Town assisted if they would need to be paid. Rick Ball has a diagram of how to do the Christmas lights and the key to the storage unit are the Chamber President’s responsibility. Roger feels the responsibility should be assigned to someone else. We should at least approach some organizations or people to take over next year. Maybe find someone on each block to supervise. The lights cannot remain up all year per the Town.

  4. Rebecca asked if the Chamber was doing a table at the Farmers Market. Rebecca did it last year and asked if the duties could be shared this year. Michelle will create a Sign-Up Genius to be shared with Chamber members. Alissa asked what is offered at the Chamber table. Heidi encouraged businesses items to be shared. During discussion it was suggested to add this request to Facebook or the website. Paul asked if we could check with Christie about the number of vendors attending the Farmers Market this year. Heidi stated it was $75 to be a vendor at the Palmyra Market. The Market starts Monday May 2 nd and runs every other week.

  5. Rebecca suggested it would be nice to have some speakers at upcoming Chamber meetings. Heidi asked if anyone knows any speakers that would be interesting to small business. Paul stated it would increase the draw for meetings and it should be a variety of topics. Rebecca stated some stores have been converted to residential which does not promote business as they are not kept up like a business.

  6. All members are not encouraged about the Dollar General moving in and do not think it helps promote town businesses. Alissa stated the Dollar General structure looks fairly attractive. The Dollar General did everything that was asked for and it was noted the Village was not able to purchase the property. The Dollar General is supposed to carry fresh food items.

  7. It was also noted the Village purchased the land on Marsh Road and are looking for a developer. Chamber Members were encouraged to attend Town and Village meeting. It was suggested we invite Town and Village board members to Chamber meetings.

  8. The Jefferson County Building Consortium is planning a multi-purpose community on a 90-acre site. It will include low income, senior, etc. The Palmyra Beautification Committee has quilts displayed in the Prada building on Main Street.

  9. There was discussion about a town facelift and the Chamber renting a space.

  10. There was also discussion about a bakery, developmental toy store and boutique businesses.

  11. Roger will update the Shining Star article; Rick is forwarding the information so he can do the article. Discuss was started about having someone “tech savvy” speak to the Chamber. Michelle will make some contacts regarding a tech education session at an upcoming meeting.

  12. Dale announced that the Legion is having a Blood Drive on April 22 nd and he will be sending flyer to Heidi.

  13. DogsInVests is having an event on June 4 th , Pancakes for Pups will have a breakfast, raffles, training demonstrations and health and autism advocates on hand.

Additional Community Events and Announcements:

The next meeting is on May 12, 2022 and is being held at the Village Park.

A motion was made by Rebecca to adjourn and 2 nd by Alissa, motion passed.


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